Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She saved me..

A friend of my sister's called today. We have become really good friends. Our conversation today helped to realize that it isn't really that bad. I just need to make decisions for myself. She always grounds me and is a really great friend. We will call her Dr. Bigsis

Like my mother in law, I am not going to call her or offer her any advice. I think the reason why I am so hurt by her indifference is because she often pretends like she cares. I have to realize that I can't invest anymore of my time or energies on her anymore. She is not that important to me. My children and husband are.

I also have to let my sister handle her own problems. She lives too far away for me to run to her side all the time. She also has to get more realistic expectations.

I have to focus on something for myself so I am going to focus on a destination vacation for this year...with a sexy swimsuit and my children playing on the beach.

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