Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Germs R Us

Well we managed to get some more germs in the dog household. I am currently battling the worst sinus infection ever. I knew something was wrong with me when I didn't want to eat. And anyone who knows me knows that I love my food. I mean I even have a favorite bread, and potato chip!
My youngest is currently screaming for me to come rescue her from her bassinet and I don't want to pick her up. I feel like I have her permanently harnassed to me like some kind of horse to a hitch. I need a break. Yesterday (because my head was pounding like someone was doing a drum solo on it) I let her cry while I started dinner. She was tired, clean and dry, and I had just fed her. She passed out and slept until dinner time was over. It was nice. I felt bad but realized that sometimes she indeed needs to cry.
My cousin whom I haven't talked to in almost a year contacted me. It has been a long rough road between us and we were always so close. We are about 2 years apart but we basically were buddies. We are supposed to meet for breaksfast we will see how that goes.
I picked her up and she stopped crying.. I guess 10 week olds need love too. She was 13lbs 10ozs zt her last check up, chunky and cute!

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