Monday, March 3, 2008


On one of my favorite shows they give each person a card that allows them the " Right TO Rant", they can talk about anything that is bothering them. I have decided that I will give myself and anyone else who wants to join in the chance to RTR also.

Why would someone who spent most of the week not eating and in the fetal position go to fucking Taekw*ndo class to work out for an hour, oh without eating also!

Why am I in a bitchy mood when I am over worked and overtired?

Why did my friend cancel on me about an hour before I expected her to show?

Why do I beg for a break only to never receive one?

Why won't my daughter not take breastmilk or for that matter anything from a bottle?

Why did she give up the pacifier?

Why do my breasts leak even after my daughter nurses on them?

What possesses a 2 year old to spit chewed food on his plate and spit soda on my walls?

Why do I feel so freaking incompetent?

And why did said husband ask me if I needed a break when he was just going to go to bed early and leave me with 4 kids to get into bed and laundry to do?

When will I go finish school (my second degree) and start doing what I am passionate about?

Why does my husband talk about how much money I spend to everyone who will listen, does he resent me? Why doesn't understand how much that hurts my feelings?

I absolutely love and hate my life at the same time...

Why do I just wanna cry.

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