Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Worst weekend ever.....

Well lets start out the weekend with a visit to the nutrionisit. Find out that you don't eat enough fruit or vegetables (i love fruits and veggies), find out you have a soda problem. Find out you are a true mess.

Pack your suitcase at the last minute. Realize that you are amazing and didn't over pack, didn't underpack either. Leave late for the airport, realize you have no money to tip the shuttle driver, and oh you left your boarding pass at home, along with your itinerary. Make the snap decision at the parking garage to leave the stroller, your first big ass mistake, your daughter is 18lbs and your carseat weighs about 8lbs without baby.
Pull a muscle picking up said daughter from carseat. Pull muscle again while holding baby in longest security line in history. Pull muscles again running from security checkpoint to gate and realize your flight is delayed. Get annoyed at nice ladies admiring your baby that want to touch her. Let them know they need to wash their hands, ladies are not amused but still watch baby. Have man sit next to you and exclaim," Oh no a baby." Get pissed off at him and almost tell him off. Daughter fusses for a few minutes then goes back to sleep. Declare guy an asshole, everyone is surprised that baby is so quiet and tells you how sweet of a baby she is. Make small talk with guy sitting with you and watch crappy movie on tv.
Land in take forever to get car, finally get to mother's house and she isn't there. Spend time with father (pure torture) finally see mother.
Next morning wake up and can't stand up or bend over, pain is unbelieveable. Have to spend time in the car. Aunt makes reference to my daughter finally looking like family, ignore comment because back pain is too bad. Flew all this way to see my cousin, he takes off from the airport without even calling and not even seeing me. I don't see some of my family because they are too busy or have sorry ass excuses.
Leaving almost miss my flight and leave my daughters hat and shoes at the security check point. Calling them now to see if my mother can pick them up.

Has to be the worse weekend ever. Back still hurts a lot and I am so upset it is hard to talk about the weekend anymore.

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